Insurance Quote in Roy, Utah

Rob Jackson Insurance has been operating since 1974. Since then, we have been proud to be an agent for Bear River Insurance and now to have a location close to Roy. In 2018, we opened the doors to our Davis County location so that we could offer Bear River Insurance to those who live in that area and in Roy.

Bear River Insurance offers the best in auto coverage, home coverage, rental property coverage, and umbrella coverage. Offering the best in price to those that qualify and providing exceptional claims service to those that live in Utah are Bear River’s main objectives. If you live in Roy and appreciate good customer service you have come to the right place! We have an agent in each location ready to speak with you.

Our goal is to make sure each customer is happy. We would love to see if you qualify and then give you a Bear River Insurance quote if you live in Roy or in a nearby area. Please call: 801-406-1144 to speak with our agent now!