Insurance Quote in Logan, Utah

Thank you for visiting our page for Bear River Insurance Logan. Since 2018, we have had a location that is near Logan and ready to quote and service all Bear River Insurance new and current policy holders. If you are interested in becoming a Bear River Insurance customer in Logan, please give our Davis County office a call 801-406-1144.

Bear River Insurance has been in the Nation’s top 50 performing Insurance companies for 3 consecutive years. Customers are happy with their very competitive rates and their outstanding claims service. For the Logan community, we at Rob Jackson Insurance add to Bear River’s great history by offering the best customer service in the state.

If you are looking for a new insurance rate on auto or home Insurance, or are hoping to find better service, our location near Logan is here for you. Please call text, email or come into the office, and we are happy to help!

Our agents are ready to help and can give you a quote or can answer any questions regarding your Bear River Insurance policies.